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Young Dancers Competition May 2022

We had a great weekend in "Dworp, Belgium" attending the 2022 International Young Dancers Competition!

We had a total of 4 entries, 3 classical entries and 1 contemporary entry.

We are pleased to announce the following results after a beautiful performance from every dancer:

1) Daisy Leigh Reynolds:

Gold Medal with Congratulations from the Jury in the "Junior Classical Category"

She also won a free entry to "Le Prix Des Hivernales 2nd edition, Liège, Belgium and she also won the Special Katrin Schrader Prize!

Daisy won a second Gold Medal in the "Junior Contemporary Category"

2) Sacha Barber:

Silver Medal in the "Pre-Professional Classical Category"

3) Sofiya Perrigo:

Bronze Medal in the "Teen Classical Category"

We are so proud of all of them!


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