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Mission Statement

Our mission for the serious vocational student, and by this we mean those who dance more than 3 times per week and have the ambition and drive to become a professional dancer, is to provide highly tailored, private one-to-one tuition that will enable that student to progress successfully towards meeting specific goals that will likely include school audition preparation, employment audition preparation, competition preparation, and of course the overarching improvement and refinement of overall technical ability.


Sander Blommaert’s professional experience, having trained at Royal Ballet School of Antwerp (Belgium) and the Royal Ballet School, London (UK), and having performed as a First Artist for the Royal Ballet Company for seven years, combined with his extensive teaching experience and qualifications, forms the foundation of a unique insight and highly sought-after approach to ballet tutoring and pedagogy.


Blommaert Ballet School provides Yearly Ballet Workshops and Ballet Summer Schools that offer a unique experience and learning environment in line with our mission statement. All teaching faculty are not only highly qualified teachers, but have had a professional ballet dancing career. The Summer Schools are purely focused on Classical Ballet and its technique. Participant places are limited in order to facilitate individual attention.


Unlike most schools, at Blommaert Ballet School the best days are those when we receive news from a student that they are leaving for pastures new…you might read this and think what?! We work with so many talented students who come to us wanting our help to gain entry into the best vocational ballet schools and ballet companies; it follows that the day we receive the good news that one of our students has successfully secured a place in the school/company of their choice is a cause for celebration!

It means we have achieved our joint goal!


We teach In-Person classes in the studio, and thanks to the Zoom platform our school has a Global reach; we teach students weekly not only in the UK, but also in Antigua, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan and USA.

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