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About Blommaert Ballet School

Blommaert Ballet School has become a hub of exceptional teaching for the future generation of ballet dancers. From humble beginnings to taking on our first full time students, find out more about what makes Blommaert Ballet School what it is today.

Our Story

Blommaert Ballet School (BBS) was officially founded by Sander Blommaert in 2021.


Since its founding BBS has, somewhat unintentionally, become known as an audition preparation school, and this is because over the last two years students have secured over 100 places at vocational schools that include the Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, European School of Ballet, Elmhurst Ballet School, The Hammond, and John Cranko Schule to name a few.

Young Sander Blommaert
Blommaert Ballet School Studio

Online one-to-one teaching services became extremely popular at the school during Covid, and online training remains strong at BBS. These beginnings paved the way for the refinement of one-to-one tuition that BBS specializes in. Today the school offers Private Ballet Tuition, Contemporary, Strength and Conditioning programmes in order to help students with audition  preparation, competition preparation and the general technical improvement of ballet.


Only a couple of months into the founding of the school, a request was received for full-time training, and thus the first full-time training programme, the BBS Advanced Diploma, was developed. We currently have three full-time places in this academic year, with all students benefitting from a bespoke approach to the development of each of their training programmes and the adoption of a whole team approach to training.

As Covid restrictions faded, the return to in-person ballet classes began to return with ever increasing demand. As a result, Sander built a bespoke ballet studio, complete with Harlequin floor in his own private garden. The studio is ideal for one-to-one tuition and provides confidentiality of training where required.


Today, all the ballet teaching faculty have had professional careers as dancers, alongside a wealth of teaching qualifications, knowledge and rich experiences to share with their students.

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