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News 11-12-21

So happy to welcome Luke Abnett to our team at Blommaert Ballet School!

Luke worked at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London for six years. It was during this time that Luke developed his passion for helping ballet dancers achieve their true physical potential.

In addition to managing student injuries, Luke also drove the development of elite-level healthcare at the Royal Ballet School through:

Injury prevention prehabilitation classes

Co-founding the Royal Ballet Science & Medicine Advisory Group

Overseeing healthcare provision at the upper school

An integrated Physical Conditioning curriculum

Launched the upper school's first start-of-year physical profiling programme

Regular accredited academic classes in injury prevention and anatomy for dancers

Now working exclusively in private practice, Luke truly enjoys the challenge of bringing world-class healthcare to young dancers outside of major institutions. As well as treating injuries, he also enjoys identifying issues that are limiting a dancer’s potential. In fact, Luke often receives reports from teachers praising how quickly their dancers turnout, posture, extensions and allegro have improved after attending a Ballet Physio programme.

Luke’s areas of expertise include ballet injuries, ballet facility enhancement and accelerating physical progress, hypermobility, scoliosis, bone stress rehabilitation, joint impingements.

To book a session with Luke, visit our website


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