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2022 Final Audition Results

We are so excited to share that we have:

- 6 students through to the White Lodge final and 2 for the Upper School at Royal Ballet School

- 14 students through to the Elmhurst Final - 11 for Lower School and 3 for Upper School

- 1 student through to Young Dancers Academy, London final

- 2 students through to Central School of Ballet Upper School final

- 2 student through to English National Ballet Upper School final

- 1 student through to the National Ballet School of Canada, Lower School final.

- 7 of our students have been offered a place at Tring Park, all of whom have been invited to audition for a funded place.

- 5 of our students have been offered a place at Moorland Ballet Academy.

We wish all of our students lots of luck for their final auditions!


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