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Workshops for Educational, Vocational and Recreational Settings

Workshop with Blommaert Ballet School

Blommaert Ballet School is able to offer bespoke workshops for schools, colleges and Universities. The combined knowledge, skills, qualifications and experiences of the teaching faculty at BBS mean that we are able to meet the requirements of your course and context.


We can provide advanced, technically challenging workshops for the vocational setting. These could include repertoire or pas de deux work as appropriate. We can also provide workshops offering a creative, dynamic, inclusive approach to the facilitation of  ballet; following the three-strand model of composing, performing and appreciating, these workshops are ideal for the educational setting. Again, creative workshops can be linked to repertoire or to classroom themes and subject matter. It could be that your context requires something of a hybrid workshop with elements from both vocational and educational models.


Workshops could take the form of a one-off event; or a series that might facilitate progression over time.


Through workshops we are able to place ballet in context for your students, both historically and currently, through reference to notable repertoire, choreographers and composers.


Above all, our workshops are engaging and challenging. If you want your students to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and inspired by the artform of ballet, our workshops are for you.


Please get in touch for us to plan the ideal workshop for you.

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