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Have you subscribed to Ballet on Demand yet?

BalletOnDemand is our online ballet platform where you can learn and dance in the comfort of your own home at the time you want!

Founded by former Royal Ballet dancer and Royal Ballet School qualified teacher, Sander Blommaert, this platform was created to be accessible, affordable and fun!

There are two parts; the learning and our community.

  1. Learning

Be coached by world class teachers and dancers from around the world on all that you need to know for your ballet journey. You can be at any stage, age and level to benefiot from the material that we share. Some examples of our current content:

* Audition preparation course (for entering vocational ballet schools)

* Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Ballet Classes

* Q&A's with world renowned ballet teachers and dancers!

* Flexibility tutorials

* Strengthening tutorials

* Warm up and cool down tutorials

  1. Community

Join others on their journey and share the progress that you are making, ask questions of the Ballet on Demand team, and request for specific courses that you would like to see.

In building our community we are creating a global set of dancers who can learn from one another and from the content on this platform.

Join now!

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