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Private Ballet Coaching:​

J.Y: What a journey it has been for our little daughter since her first class with Mr. Sander.

Mr. Sander is an absolute inspiration, and a real role model that our daughter can look up to. He has incredible attention to detail and understands all of the tiny nuances of ballet, and feeds all of his knowledge and expertise in ballet to our daughter. She has learnt so much from each and every one of his amazing classes, and has improved so much as a ballerina thanks to his training. There really is no other teacher like Mr. Sander.

J.A: Sander is truly an exceptional teacher of true calling. My daughter has only just turned 7 and his patience, approach, the professional relationship they are forming is amazing and the support, recognition he gives to all his students and how proud he is of them is beautiful. It is so lovely to see. My daughter always cannot wait until her next lesson with Sander and is left buzzing afterwards and that in itself speaks volumes. Not only is she improving with each lesson, she is so very happy. One couldn't ask for more. It is an honor and privilege to be  taught by Sander and she is so lucky to have the opportunity to embark on this incredible dance journey with him.

B.L: My Daughter simply loves her lessons with Sander; he is honest and so kind and encouraging. She is making significant, noticeable progress every lesson.

As a non ballet parent it is clear even to me what she is working on and why. Previously we have walked away from lessons with the same corrections each week but without the knowledge to actually physically correct the problem. This is not the case with Sander's lessons. He has transformed my daughter; her ballet and her confidence.

M.B: Working with Mr. Sander Blommaert has been an incredible opportunity for my daughter. He shares his love and knowledge of Classical Ballet and the details required for beautiful technique and artistry with his students. From the first lesson with him it was clear that his goal is to draw out the best in each student while refining the foundation of alignment and placement required for maximum success. He continues to guide my daughter towards a higher level of awareness in her dancing with just the right amount of expectation of excellence paired with the understanding of the individual student. Working with Mr. Sander continues to be an absolutely rewarding experience that teaches my daughter that there is always room for personal growth and improvement. 


Studying with Sander Blommaert is a distinct honor and privilege. His commitment to his art and to his students is evident in every moment of every lesson. He crafts the future dancer his students will become from the potential he sees, guiding and shaping students to achieve their goals, helping make a dancer from a glimmer of potential. Corrections and tips are presented in new ways that produce “aha!” moments. Sander has exacting standards and compliments are golden moments when hard work has met with diligent teaching to produce a victory, and every victory, no matter how modest, is sublime.

 He layers attention to fine detail on a solid core of fundamentals to forge students who possess confidence, skill, artistry, and a love of the work of ballet.  Stepping into the virtual studio for a lesson, as my son does, with Sander is to set out on a journey to work and become the very best version of oneself one can be.  Every lesson presents a new chance to learn and achieve, to work towards goals, and to work for the love of the art. As a parent I could not ask for a better role model and teacher for my son. Sander’s generosity of spirit, hard work and dedication to his career, art, students, and family, his integrity, professionalism, and endearing personality make him an incredible role model and human being. He is a credit to the world of dance, and we are so grateful to have found him.

W.S: As a former dancer with the Royal Ballet myself, I wish I could of have had the encouraging training that Sander offers my daughter weekly. The combination of care, encouragement and honesty is a winning one. As a parent that knows about ballet and its training required, I find it extremely hard to find the right teacher for my daughter and we are both so happy to have found Sander and to be able to be taught by him weekly.

G.M: We feel completely assured that we are receiving the highest-quality ballet training which is developing our daughter's ability and giving her confidence for Year 7 auditions and beyond. Sander has made my daughter feel confident in her abilities whilst stretching her to continue to be the best she can be. 

Sander's approach is honest but with positive corrections and is delivered in a way of her being able to visualise what she needs to achieve. I have been so impressed with the way Sander has made my daughter feel welcome and that she's always trained with him and she is so proud to be part of his unique training. Along with his great experience and insight, we cannot recommend Sander enough! Thank you, Sander, for inspiring her in every lesson!

Ballet Summer School:

Jessica T: What a fabulous experience! I didn't want this week to end!

Thank you so much to Sander Blommaert, my first vocational summer school was definitely a challenge but such a good experience!

Big thank you to all the guest teachers for your patience and advice and all my fellow students for being so inclusive and supportive.

William D: Honestly had the most amazing week, met such lovely people, catching up with old friends and learnt so much, thank you Sander Blommaert!

Tara M: Had such an incredible week at Blommaert Ballet & Toning, thank you Sander Blommaert! Going to miss it so much!

Winnie M: Had an amazing time at Blommaert Ballet & Toning summer intensive! It challenged me and I met some lovely people!

Elsie P: I loved my time at Blommaert Ballet's Summer School. I learnt so much from the teachers there. I got some really useful tips and corrections. The classes were so fun and work you hard. I loved the different classes including ballet classes, solos classes repertoire classes and pointe classes. The week really pushed me and I enjoyed it a lot!

Emily F: Quite simply the best Summer School around if you want to see and feel improvement in one week. the teaching faculty is always excellent, with extensive professional experience but also with a genuine interest in, and talent for, bringing out the best in their students' technique, artistry and confidence. Every day is full, challenging, enriching and purposeful.

Devanshi G: You need only be in class with Sander for a moment to see that he has a great deal of knowledge but, beyond that, how very much he loves to teach. He both acknowledges strengths and offers guidance with enthusiasm, patience and care, supported by experienced guests who each add advice from another perspective. I was drawn to the intensive because of its pure focus on ballet and left with plenty of knowledge as well as inspiration from teachers whom I hope to have again. 

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